Alzheimer's/Dementia Care

Our thoughtful caregivers have the training, experience, and serenity to help with the varying daily needs of those living with all stages of Dementia. As things change, we adapt and adjust our care, always treating them with dignity and respect.

Be it Dementia from aging, or end-stage Alzheimer's Disease, we understand and do our best to keep our clients safe and comfortable, as well as give their families the support they seek. We continue to interact and stimulate your loved one through activities they enjoy—be it music, crafts, sports, conversation, cooking, etc.

"Just Like Family" also has a working relationship with the Alzheimer's Association of Northern Michigan. We participate in their annual fundraising walk, donating our time and funds to raise awareness, and find a cure for this disease.

Pet Sitting

We know that peoples' pets are "Just Like Family".  Since we serve the entire family, we have pet-lovers on our team who are happy to care for yours.  Whether you need help walking your pooch, transportation to the groomer, checking on your cats or fish if you're out of town, "Just Like Family" will treat them as our own.

Many times when people are recovering from surgery, or lose some of their abilities, the family pet doesn't get the attention they are used to.  "Just Like Family" can help keep their routine as normal as possible, and relieve another stress for family members.


Going on a trip?  Need to get to the doctor?  Have a hair appointment, or play to attend?  "Just Like Family" gets you where you need to go.  We'll help you pack & take you to the airport, accompany you to the doctor's office or salon, or drive you to the grocery store.  We'll also take the trip, and get you settled in.

"Just Like Family" helps give you or your loved one peace of mind by ensuring safety while traveling.

Prescription Organization

"Just Like Family" is well-trained in setting & administering medications.  We keep a detailed list of all medicines, and track any changes that may be made by a physician.  We also check for drug interactions, and make sure that medications are taken for the length of time they are recommended.    Prescription organization is a service we offer to all of our clients, at no additional charge, and new med sheets are provided as often as necessary.  "Just Like Family" can call in prescriptions that need refilling, and we're also happy to pick them up from the pharmacy.

Drug interaction can cause serious side effects, and damage internal organs.  We double-check all medications carefully and discuss any possible issues with our clients, family, &/or health professionals.  We treat our clients as we would one of our own family members, and want to keep them safe.

Home Maintenance

At "Just Like Family", we do it all. We have a talented carpenter on our team who is happy to repair problems that may arise in your home, or paint a bedroom for you.

One of our goals is to maintain safety in the home. If we discover a danger, "Just Like Family" can quickly react and have the issue fixed.

Our caregivers are always busy, and glad to help with household chores like laundry, dishes, dusting, etc. We prepare a daily chores list for each home. Let us know what you'd like done, and rest assured, we'll take care of it.

"Just Like Family" strives to remove stress from our clients' plates, and housework can be one less thing to be concerned with while we're on the job.

Therapy Dogs

Yes, "Just Like Family" even has dogs that have been certified and licensed by Therapy Dogs International. These loveable canines are available to visit you or your loved one, should you desire.

Therapy Dogs help to involve people in living happy, productive lives by filling needs that may not be addressed in any other way.

Post-Operative Care

When out-patient or more serious surgery occurs, "Just Like Family" can help during the recovery process. We can assist in wound care, physical therapy, or activities of daily living.

Instead of temporarily entering a nursing facility or rehabilitation center, "Just Like Family" will be there 24/7 so you can rest easily at home.

End-Of-Life Care

Should you or a loved one decide to stay at home rather than going to a hospital or nursing facility at the end of the journey, "Just Like Family" can help with the transition. Our goal is to keep our clients safe, comfortable, and pain-free. We work with the family to help them realize how precious each moment is, and guide them through the miracle of this process.

At the end, it is important for family members to be just that…family.  Being surrounded by the people and things you love brings comfort and serenity. Leave the details to us, and we will bring peace in the passage.

Infant & Child Care

At "Just Like Family" our experienced caregivers nurture your most-precious possession. We provide detailed documentation of your child's daily routine, including meals and activities. Healthy eating and fitness habits are encouraged, and we use daily activities to teach and inspire. "Just Like Family" honors your family's values and beliefs, and will help instill them in your child.

Several of our caregivers are former nannies or child care workers who will assist you with one of life's most important jobs.

Physical Therapy

"Just Like Family" has a Physical Therapist on our team. When physical therapy is prescribed by a professional, we follow their instructions until complete recovery is accomplished.

There is no need to leave your home when "Just Like Family" can come to you.

Travel Companionship & Assistance

Not only does "Just Like Family" drive you to appointments and events, but we can travel with you, or your loved one, to help along the way. If your family member summers in Michigan and winters in Florida, we can take the journey with them. We even set up caregivers at their destination, transfer medicines, and update doctors and pharmacists on medical conditions.

Getting settled in is effortless when "Just Like Family" handles all the details.

Spa Services

"Just Like Family" has licensed beauticians on the team to pamper our clients. If someone can't get to the salon, the salon will come to them! Hair cuts, manicures, pedicures, hand-massages, perms etc. are available in the home.

Personal Care

Need help getting dressed after surgery? Do you, or a loved-one, need assistance bathing? "Just Like Family" is there to help with any personal care necessities.

We pay special attention to personal hygiene, providing care for and prevention of urinary tract infections, decubitis ulcers, and hemorrhoids. Whether giving bed baths, catheter care, sitz baths, or massage, our caregivers are conscientious and sensitive to your needs.

Professionals Communication

Sometimes it's difficult to keep medical history, prescriptions, or appointments straight. "Just Like Family" can do that for you. If you need help filling out forms at the doctor's office, or keeping track of medications, our caregivers are knowledgeable of our clients' medical conditions and history. When accompanying a client to an office visit, we have an up-to-date copy of all prescriptions ready for the health professional. We keep on top of medical matters and can discuss these issues with the physician.

Should the family desire, we will facilitate the discussion and completion of the "Five Wishes" booklet.  "Just Like Family" will ensure that a copy is in place at the local hospital, doctor's office(s), and in the home.

Organizing/Moving Assistance

"Just Like Family" does it all.  Many of our team members are excellent organizers should you need help preparing for a move, or merely want to simplify your life.  We'll pack up boxes for you, or help clean out the garage or basement.  We can organize photographs, drawers, and closets too.  We'd be happy to assist in sorting items to be donated, will deliver them to the organization of your choice, and give you the tax receipt.  We also have experience dealing with furniture and clothing consignment.

"Just Like Family" wants to keep your life as stress-free as possible.

Groceries / Meal Preparation

"Just Like Family" treats you like a family member and will happily purchase items on your grocery list as well as prepare meals for you and your family. We can use your tried and true recipes, or make meal suggestions and create a new family favorite. It's a service of convenience and comfort.

If a client has special dietary needs, we take that into consideration when shopping and preparing meals. Several of our clients are on low-sodium or Diabetic diets, so we design meal plans accordingly. We have a trained dietitian on our team who can make suggestions. We want our clients to enjoy well-balanced, flavorful meals.


At "Just Like Family", we feel it is important to use our resources wisely.  With that in mind, we choose to recycle.  If recycling bins are not present in a home, we take recyclables with us.  We drop off the items at a local center. Living green doesn't get much easier than that.

"Just Like Family" also has a working relationship with "Bay Area Recycling for Charities" who picks up recyclable items, and donates the proceeds. Not only are we caring for you, but our planet.