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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I wanted to compliment your caregivers and your company for outstanding service. I recently moved and had to rush to meet deadlines for home improvements which created a mountain of work. I live alone and I thought I would never finish the work on my own. The Just like Family team showed up at my door with great smiles, a can do spirit and a bouquet of wildflowers.

Shannon, Sharon, Stevie, Mary Elizabeth and Barbara moved through the house bringing order to chaos with the most wonderful attitudes. I've worked in home care services and I can see job satisfaction in your team that tells me they enjoy their work. I was delighted with their persistence and creativity which made it possible to see storage options and solutions I had not imagined. This wonderful team of people worked quickly and efficiently. The results were remarkable and far exceeded my expectations. You are wonderful people. Bless you all."

~ Sue Austin

"We were fortunate to discover "Just Like Family" Health and Home Care in February of 2010.  Our family was in need of assistance to care for Mom and Dad while family members were on vacation.  We had the opportunity to meet with Barbara and Kae Beth and knew immediately that their services were just what we needed. 

They did a wonderful job finding confident caregivers to assist with the care of our 92-year-old mother and 91-year-old father.  The home visits prior to our trip were extremely helpful.  It enabled Mom and Dad to meet their caregivers, but it also helped the caregivers to become familiar with daily routines and household responsibilities.

Mom and Dad were happy to remain in their home with the loving care of such great caregivers, and we were able to enjoy a Florida vacation."

M & M

"Thank you for helping me prepare for our move to Chicago.  You helped sort through all the things we had accumulated over many years that needed to be donated, given away, and trashed.  Thanks to you our move will be so much easier.

My husband moved right away when he took a new position, and having "Just Like Family" come twice a week to help with groceries, cooking, pet-sitting, and driving me to appointments made life more manageable.  Knowing there was someone to call if I had a problem made my husband's transition easier for him, and me.  Even little things, like bringing in the mail and taking out the trash, was a big help.

If you're moving and need help getting started preparing for the move, I recommend calling "Just Like Family".  It'll help take the stress out of the moving process."

~Patty Tucker

"When my 85-year-old mother was hospitalized in 2007, I knew she needed help at home upon her release. (She had been hospitalized at least once each year since 1999, and was less and less able to get around.) This time, my family looked for caregivers to be at the house with her every day.

We asked several trusted friends who had similar needs and were introduced to "Just Like Family". Barbara Goodearl came to the house and explained every detail of their service. There were no surprises, as each and every question was answered clearly.

At first, I did not know how much help my mother required. The process took some time and has changed over the years, as she has become less mobile. Although in the beginning, there was some resistance to having a new person in their home all day, my parents adjusted well.  They have come to rely on, and care for, these wonderful women. My father now eagerly awaits their arrival as they deliver his morning paper and make breakfast for my mother and him.

"Just Like Family" gives my family peace of mind knowing both of my parents are accompanied to their doctor appointments, social engagements, shopping, or whatever they need, or want. As neither of them drive, it is perfect having some one to take them out when I am unavailable.

One of the most important services "Just Like Family" provides is prescription drug organization. With many pills to take each day, it is impossible for either of my parents to keep track, and it requires daily supervision. All medication is taken as prescribed and on time, which is no small feat.

I have been so thrilled with the help of "Just Like Family", that I have recommended them to several friends who have signed on with the same satisfaction.

"Just Like Family" is truly a blessing for me and my parents."

Chris D.

"When "Just like Family" came on board to help our family care for my Dad we had been using another home care service that was not working out. "Just Like Family" worked with us to develop a team of compassionate care givers for around-the-clock coverage for nearly eight months.

As a daughter, I wanted to be there for my parents but also had a family and a job to maintain. I was greatly relieved to know my Dad was cared for by a group of competent and loving individuals who would be with him when I could not."

Elizabeth Kelderhouse

"We were so very grateful to have you with us at my Dad's passing. Your kindness and compassion were of great comfort. You are truly an angel of mercy."

Family of John D.

"My family and I are deeply grateful for your help - from organizing Mom's care, to your extended shift during her final hours. We will forever be appreciative of your gentle, wise, and loving care of us ALL. Your notes to each of us were perfect, touching on the places where we needed healing and support. I will always treasure the way you touched our lives and served Mother with dignity. Your wisdom and caring inspire me."

Barbara J.